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0 Kara No Shogi: Syougi Youshien Ayumi Gumi R
007 Racing
007 Racing [Platinum]
007 Tomorrow Never Dies
007 The World is Not Enough
101 Games SEGA Master System
100% Star [PopStar Maker]
101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians 2 Patch London Adventure
10101 "Will" The Starship
102 Dalmatians Puppies To The Rescue 
19:03 Agano Hatsu Yakou Ressha
19:03 Agano Hatsu Yakou Ressha [Reprint]
1998 Collector's CD Volume demo [with Parasite Eve]
1998 Collector's CD Volume 2 demo [with Brave Fencer Musashi]
1998 Rally De Africa
1998 Rally De Africa [Best Price] Memory Battle
1999 Resurrection Of Pharaon
1-Jakan de Wakaru Kabushiki Toushi
1-Jakan de Wakaru Kabushiki Toushi [Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol. 8]
1 on 1
20 Games Family Games Compendium
20 Seiki Striker Retsuden
20 Seiki Striker Retsuden [PSone Book]
20 Seiki Striker Retsuden [Reprint]
24 Hours Lemans
2000 Collector's CD Volume 3 demo [with Vagrant Story]
2999 Game Kids
2002 FIFA World Cup
3,2,1 Smurf! My First Racing Game
360 Three Sixty
3D Baseball
3D Baseball: The Major
3D Bouncing Ball Puzzle
3D Fighting School
3D Kakutou Tsukuru
3D Lemmings
3D Mission Shooting Finalist
3D Pool
3D Shooting Tsukuuru
3 Lions
3x3 Eyes - Kyuusei Kousyu
3 X 3 Eyes: Tenrinou Genmu!
4-4-2 Soccer
40 Winks - Conquer Your Dreams
4-th Super Robots Wars Scramble
4x4 World Trophy
601 Nintendo Games
70's Robot's Anime Geppy-X
7-th Guest 2: 11-th Hour [Chancelled]
'98 Koushien
'98 Koushien [Magical 1500 Series]
'99 Koushien

'99 Koushien [Magical 1500 Series]

800 NES Games

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